Friday, October 30, 2009

halloween creations...

remember these cutie pies! ghostly black and white cupcakes (chocolate with marshmallow). they got slimed (with green tinted fondant) for the big day! i already have ideas for next halloween. if you look really close, you can see the witch in the background. here are more pics of my halloween creations...

the bakeshop wouldn't be complete without a witch, rolling pin and an ipod.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

spiraling orchard's "eat-in"

all across the country, on september 7th, communities joined together to hold an "eat-in." the message was congress that it is time for change. its time for children to start eating "real" food, no more over-proccessed reheated frozen foods. i was lucky enough to take part in one held at spiraling orchard in los angeles.

sometimes life gets pretty hectic and we forget to give back to our communties. i'm glad someone (cara speckhals) woke me up and offered me a chance to be a part of this. being that i go the farmer's market every week, i was responsible for hunting and gathering all the donations. cara graciously organized all of the prepping and cooking of the meal, all while holding down a full time job and some very intense personal obligations. nancy zuniga and lisa nunez are the two amazing women who brought the whole thing together. without their dedication to the community, kids and spiraling orchard this would not have been possible. in the days leading up to the event, my team over at tavern (cara, stephanie and ty) all helped prep boxes and boxes of fruits and veggies for the big day. once all of our crisps and crumbles were assembled, we had a whole room full of them.

cara and all the crisps

all the donations from the santa monica farmer's market

thank you to all the farmers who helped make this possible:
bettina birch
peter schaner

*for more photos of the event please visit:spiraling orchard's "eat-in"