Friday, July 31, 2009

peanut butter and jelly coupe

i recently changed the menu and had some left over peanut butter sherbet. i also still had sara's amazing jam on my mind and i knew i had to come up with something to show off these gems. so here it peanut butter and jelly coupe. two scoops of peanut butter sherbet, one scoop of vanilla ice cream, layered with blackberry jam, fresh blackberries, creme fraiche whipped cream, mini brioche croutons and toasted peanuts. hope you like...

peanut butter sherbet:

2 cups skippy creamy peanut butter
1/3 cups light corn syrup
1/3 cups granulated sugar
1/2 cups dry nonfat powdered milk
4 cups whole milk

bring everything except the peanut butter to a boil.
turn off heat and whisk in peanut butter.
chill overnight in your fridge.
freeze according to manufacturers instructions on your ice cream maker.

serve with your favorite jam!

sara's jam...

i am surrounded by the most amazing people daily. one of them is a beautiful woman who makes the most fabulous jam...sara. she gently caresses the fruit into delicate jam that preserves the integrity of the natural flavor. it is never too sweet or thick and over-cooked. my favorite is the blenheim apricot jam. its a vibrant orange hue with a tangy floral flavor.

every wednesday, she and i go to the farmers' market and roam around the sweet smells of the season. summer is here...and it's a jam makers play ground. tangy bleinheim apricots from james birch on the left, deep purple dancing demon plums from fitzgerald on the right, jeweled toned berries from pudwill and harry's laid out under tents.