Thursday, February 10, 2011

food and wine...

© Alex Farnum/Con Poulos

i'm so excited!  the march issue of food and wine has 5 of my recipes from tavern.  every month, they have a section called "chef's recipes made easy" and thats where you will find some tavern treats.  ironically, i'm in the "healthy" issue.  when they requested the recipe for the sweet potato donuts with bacon caramel i initially thought they were joking.  But it turns out if you leave out the fatty (but extremely yummy) bacon caramel sauce and you opt to bake them instead of frying they aren't so bad for you after all.  buy a copy or just check it out on the web (link provided above).  enjoy!


  1. How about posting the original "less healthy" recipes?

  2. i will definitely get on that! more "less healthy" recipes to come.

  3. Breanne,

    Thanks so much for the kind words on my blog! I will definitely need to check this issue of Food & Wine out! And also pop by the larder for one of the bacon caramel versions... ;)



  4. Saw the feature in F&W, I was amazed! You are so talented, it is very inspiring to see your work. Can't wait to try making the donuts! Do you offer classes on making French macarons? I can't seem to get it right every time.

  5. @stephanie- thank you so much! i haven't taught any classes but if it's something you are interested in, maybe we can chat more about it.