Tuesday, August 11, 2009

i heart macarons...

i have been absolutely obsessed with macarons for years. i'm always searching for the best ones. i recently went to jin patisserie and had the most wonderful cranberry violet macaron. after that, i knew that i had to put them on my menu. the next day i went into the kitchen and made SIX different flavors. i couldn't help myself...how could i choose just two or three. i made the following flavors: rose, pistachio, mocha, tahitian vanilla, chocolate and salted caramel, and finally...praline.

the best macarons are to be savored in paris at pierre herme patisserie. i was lucky enough to gain the opportunity to stage there last april. every day after my shift i would meander around the shop and buy some sweet treats. i always made sure to get at least one macaron. my favorite flavor is the "ispahan" deep pink macarons filled with raspberry gelee and rose buttercream. on my last day at the shop, the chef gave me a wonderfully large bag filled with boxes of macarons (every flavor they made times two!) and chocolates. i was so happy...i almost cried. they didn't realize that they had already given me the best gift....allowing me to stage. it had been a dream of mine for years and it had actually come true.


  1. :) Hi Breanna! Brooke here. I'm so happy to see you've started this blog. And am especially happy that you're writing about your macaroons. I came into work yesterday and nearly gasped when I saw that you were making these lovely treats. I'll need to come in on my day off to taste through all of them! Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. Breanna, congrats on the LA Weekly piece! Macaroons are so gorgeous and they do wonders for my soul. Keep it up! - Claudia

  3. i've never had macarons ... i guess i'll have to try them now. but i'm sure the ones at the bakery near by won't compare to the ROSE ones! those sound so delicious! it's my favourite flavour. i just went to mashti's on my birthday, and got a big thing of faludeh and creamy rosewater ice cream.

    anyway, back to you -- these look fantastic!!