Wednesday, February 10, 2010

cupcake fever!

carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

in a few weeks i will be competing in the nestle cupcake challenge. this will be my first competition....ever. i am full of self doubt and nervous energy...trying to make it go away. for the big day, i will be making a vanilla cupcake (in the "traditional" category) and salted caramel and chocolate ("non-traditional"). wish me luck and come out and support if you get a chance! i will keep you updated on the testing process. i also might submit my application for food network's "cupcake wars"....shhhh....


  1. What? I am lovin' all these posts!! Wish I could be there for the challenge, I know you will do GREAT!! It's not a bad thing to have nervous energy going in. You don't need luck, you just need to know you did your best and learn from this experience.

    PLUS, are you kidding me? You make the best dang desserts EVER!

    I really don't want to be kept "posted" on this so-called testing process... seriously, I want to be a test-er... how do I get in on this gig?

  2. Oh honey, thank god it is me reading this post & not Brian. I tend to pride myself on a damn good carrot cake & was planning on making mini carrot cake cupcakes for V Day...... Until I saw yours! They are super cute! I love the cone frosting & dangling carrot! Although I have never tasted your food/desserts, I know that you are fantabulous..... Seriously, who can get a job at your tender age working at Lucque's & beyond? BTW, salted caramel sound DIIIIIVIIIINE. I love me some good sugar mixed w/ salty! yum, yum, yum, yum.... ~ Michelle