Saturday, February 13, 2010

valentine's is just around the corner...

valentine's day treats

before i get started on those cupcake challenge testers, i have some sweet treats for your valentine's day. i finally gave in and made red velvet cupcakes. i topped off my "queen of hearts" cupcakes with traditional cream cheese frosting and red heart sprinkles. the pinkies are tahitian vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting and aptly named "sweethearts." do you have a broken heart this valentine's? i have the perfect cookie! french butter cookies with vanilla frosting. the have been quite popular in the larder.

its sort of ironic, i recently stopped making cupcakes. then, about a month ago, i was asked to take part in a cupcake challenge. this week, i was asked to do a show based on cupcakes. it seems as though i will NEVER stop making cupcakes. i don't have anything against them. i just figured there were enough people doing cupcakes that i didn't need to make them. i have learned that there are never enough people making cupcakes.

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